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The Mini Lab

2 minute read

The evolution of the home lab: Intel Avoton, Intel NUC, FreeNAS, ESXi and FreeNAS

Intel Mesh Commander on Mac OS X

5 minute read

A Mac OS X application for the management of computers with Intel AMT (Active Management Technology), supporting redirection, remote desktop, remote terminal...

NUC Squarepants

5 minute read

Adding a Mini PCIe Ethernet adapter to 3rd or 4th generation Intel NUC, housed on a 3D printed custom base.

Intel NUC to the rescue

1 minute read

Updating my home lab with Intel NUCs and a self-build NAS based on the Supermicro A1SAi-2750F board

The Home Lab

2 minute read

Like most technical people I have a home lab. Actually, I’ve had one for many years now and the lab became even more important once I moved from engineering ...

Why blog?

1 minute read

Until just a few days ago I had no presence online whatsoever. I have always been more of a lurker, avidly reading other people’s blogs and generally have sc...