Why blog?

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Until just a few days ago I had no presence online whatsoever. I have always been more of a lurker, avidly reading other people’s blogs and generally have scoured the Interwebs for bits of information to help me along whatever little project I am embarking on.

One such project I undertook recently was to get a USB Ethernet driver working on ESXi (ended up with two). Like most things I do on my spare time this project involved something I had no previous experience of.

What is the importance of the above? I am always doing this sort of things (mostly successfully), but I never bothered sharing the results with anyone. What is worse, I see myself looking back at the many things I have done in the past or the issues I have had, and thinking: Why didn’t I document it properly or blog about it? This is not an ego thing, but maybe, just maybe, such sharing could be useful to someone looking for just that little help… So I have decided to finally setup my own blog and learn something new as I go along (Jekyll, Markdown, Liquid, et al.). I am not sure I will be able to blog on a regular basis – only so many hours in a day – but I will try to write at least one post per month. Lets’ see.

These blog posts will be more or less an aide-mémoire for myself, but might be of help to you. You might even help me with your comments.


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